While Ambition Prep will operate primarily on public funding, the success of Ambition Prep particularly in our start-up and founding years depends heavily on the backing of committed, passionate donors. Individuals who believe that every child can learn at a high level when given a rigorous curriculum, character education and the supports to excel.


Even with per-pupil funding from state and federal sources, there is a shortfall between this revenue stream and the cost to educate an Ambition Prep student, specifically relating to additional technology needs, enrichment opportunities, and general start-up operational costs.


Note: Ambition Preparatory Charter School, Inc. is an exempt organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. For your reference, our EIN is 82-3875659.

Your support is critical to building a transformational school for our ambitious learners in Jackson, MS.



The cost for 50% of our school's library books

Every morning during our literacy block students participate in read alouds. The purpose is for our teachers to model literacy skills to students and allow them to engage in text. At the end of the school year, students would have heard over 100 stories in addition to the books that they read independently.  



The cost for classroom teaching technology

Our teachers use technology daily to engage students, teach lessons, and to monitor academic and behavior progress. Teacher technology includes iPads, projectors, and document cameras. Technology is critical to our academic instruction. 



Learning and growing don’t only happen within the four walls of a classroom but extends to outside Ambition Prep. We offer bi-monthly opportunities for students to engage in new experiences across Mississippi to spark their interests and broaden their perspective of the world.



The cost for one piece of recess equipment

Recess is fun but also an educational part of the day. Students practice how to share, play with others and work on teams, critical components of becoming future leaders. Our students will have recess every day!



The cost for a student uniform

Our goal is that all Ambition Prep students receive two free uniform shirts and a school sweater each school year



The cost for one student supplies for the school year

We anticipate that some families might not be able to purchase school supplies for their children. Help us purchase school supplies (including backpacks, pencils, crayons, homework).



The cost for one student's furniture

As a new school, that is growing one grade-level every year, our classrooms will need to be furnished with desks, chairs, and tables for our students until we a fully grown K-8 school.



The cost for one student chromebook

During both literacy and math, students engage with an adaptive computer programs that responds to where they are in their academic development. Each day, students will rotate to Chromebooks in small groups to access this personalized learning.

The cost for one classroom field trip


Checks can be made to “Ambition Preparatory Charter School”

Donations should be mailed to:

Ambition Preparatory Charter School
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