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How does the enrollment process work? Charter schools have a limited number of seats. When more students apply than there are spaces available, the school holds a random lottery to determine which students get offers. All other students are placed on a waiting list and may receive an offer during the school year. The sooner you apply, the better chance you have of acceptance.

Who can attend? We are a public school and free to any child anywhere in the city of Jackson, Hinds County School District boundaries including Byram, MS, or any other school district boundaries that was rated a “C,” “D,” or “F” at the time Ambition Prep was approved by the Authorizer Board.

Is there a cost for my child to attend? No. Ambition Prep is a tuition-free, open-enrollment, public charter school. There is no cost to you for your child to attend.

How do I submit an application? You can submit an application through our website or by phone at 601-487-1658. If we receive more applications than available seats, we will run a lottery to determine who gets accepted. The sooner you apply, the better chance you have of acceptance.

Where is the school located? We are located in our fully renovated school building at 5331 Clinton Blvd. Jackson, MS 39209. We have school bus routes in North, South, and West Jackson as well as Byram, MS. Ambition Prep does not provide door to door stops.

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