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“Great teaching is the key to academic and life success. I am motivated to work to ensure that ALL students have access to high-quality education and high capacity teachers no matter where they live." 

Founding Dean of Curriculum & Instruction

Mrs. Applewhite is a Mississippi native and a graduate of the University of Mississippi where she obtained degrees in Marketing and Fashion Merchandising.  After working in the fashion industry, the purpose of life drove her to obtain a teaching certification while living in Dallas, Texas.  Entering into her ninth year in education, Mrs. Applewhite has taught elementary. middle school, and, ELA/ESL.  In 2015, she was on the founding team for the first charter school to open in Mississippi.  Along with her work as an educator, Mrs. Applewhite has served as a Teacher Leader and Teacher Consultant with the Mississippi Writing and Thinking Institute where she worked on a collaborative study of argument writing with the College, Career, and Community Writing Program which is part of the National Writer's Project.  She has also served on various state assessment committees with the Mississippi Department of Education as well as having served on the MDE Teacher Council.  Mrs. Applewhite will graduate in December from Arkansas State University with an MSE in Educational Leadership. Mrs. Applewhite and her husband have two young boys. She is excited to do the work of founding and leading a college preparatory school. Ms. Applewhite is committed to ensuring that ALL students have access to quality education.


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