Enrolling Kindergarten and 3rd grade in 2021

Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade will be enrolled in our Lower Academy. They will strategically focus on literacy and oral language. We will nurture positive character development so that our students are not only successful in college but also successful in life. We firmly believe that college begins in Kindergarten.



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Students in 5th through 8th grade will be enrolled in our Upper Academy. Our Upper Academy will build off of the skills that students learned in the Lower Academy. Upon completion of our program, our students will be prepared for high school and on a path to college success. Ambition Prep students will express themselves in an effective manner to lead change within their communities and know the power and potential of their voice. 


Ambition Prep firmly believes that every child must be provided with a rigorous curriculum and engaging lesson taught by a highly skilled, strategically supported, and effective teacher. To ensure a strongly supported teacher in every classroom, Ambition Prep will focus time and resources into recruitment, development, and retention of strong teachers. Our school design provides staff with 27 days of practice-based professional development, weekly observations and feedback meetings, and data analysis days throughout the school year.


Ambition Prep believes that school culture is the foundation upon which all else rests. When students are in a structured environment with efficient systems, they can focus on academics and perform at high levels. Structured routines and procedures within every classroom work to promote efficiency and ensure scholars’ physical, emotional, and intellectual safety. We believe character and confidence can be developed and that the school is responsible for playing a key role in this development. Our core values of Professionalism, Self-Discipline, Ambition, Community, and Integrity are explicitly taught and reinforced throughout the school year. Students in our Upper and Lower Academy will consistently be celebrated for their leadership and success through our daily morning meetings and weekly community celebrations.


Ambition Prep will use data to monitor our progress and provide the highest-quality lessons to our students. Data drives every decision made at Ambition Prep. Data will be gathered and leveraged to intimately know the strengths and areas for growth for each scholar and provide them with intensive academic supports and targeted interventions. All K-2 literacy classrooms will feature a two-teacher model that will allow for increased small group instruction and daily literacy rotations. We will maximize the time we have with students in small groups by constantly reflecting on data to make decisions about future instruction and intervention.


It is our responsibility to intentionally teach students language skills enabling them to develop thorough arguments, take the initiative in academic discussions and professional conversations, and display leadership skills in college and life. Upon the completion of our program, Ambition Prep students will know the power and potential of their voice and can effectively express themselves to lead change within their communities.