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Our Mission

Through high-quality instruction, intensive academic supports, and hard work,

Ambition Preparatory Charter School

ensures that all students in kindergarten through grade eight have the academic skills and self-discipline for college and life success.

What We Offer Families

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High-Quality Instruction & College Prep Curriculum

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Focus on Language &

Structured Supportive School Culture copy.png

Structured, Supportive
& Joyful School Culture

Our Core Values

A strong desire to achieve something with hard work and dedication.

The competence or skill expected of a profession.

The ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses.

Having a purpose requiring swift action; a persistent quality

The quality of being honest; having strong moral principles and uprightness.

A feeling of fellowship with others, sharing common attitudes and goals.

The Ambition Prep Approach

Ambition Prep is committed to ensuring that every scholar succeeds. We create a structured, joyful, and rigorous environment so that our scholars are able to perform their very best every day. We start preparing our scholars for college in Kindergarten.

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Lower Academy

Now Enrolling Kindergarten - 4th Grade

Students in Kindergarten through 4th Grade will be enrolled in our Lower Academy. They will strategically focus on literacy and oral language. We will nurture positive character development so that our students are not only successful in college but also successful in life. We firmly believe that college begins in Kindergarten.

Upper Academy

5th Grade (6th - 8th Grade Coming Soon)

Students in 5th through 8th Grade will be enrolled in our Upper Academy. Our Upper Academy will build off of the skills that students learned in the Lower Academy. Upon completion of our program, our students will be prepared for high school and on a path to college success. Ambition Prep students will express themselves in an effective manner to lead change within their communities and know the power and potential of their voice. 

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